Friends of Air Force Basketball welcomes you to

the Falcon's Men's Basketball Homecoming 2010

(a summary past reunions are below)

Photos are attached below from our 2008 Alumni Homecoming....can you put names to faces??.  Enjoy

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Air Force Men’s Basketball Alumni Reunion January 29 – 30, 2010  Coach Jeff Reynolds and the Friends of Air Force Basketball invite all former Falcon players, coaches, officer representatives, and others who have supported the program to the Fifth Annual Men’s Basketball Reunion, January 29 – 30, 2010.  This reunion was established to strengthen the bridge between the current players and those who built the program over the past 50+ years.  This is a great opportunity for you to renew friendships with former players, coaches, and OR’s and to show your support for the current team. 

On Friday, January 29 several activities are available.

-  Watch the afternoon practice as Coach Jeff Reynolds prepares his team for the University of Wyoming

-  Renew past acquaintances and tour the Athletic facilities

-  Attend an evening reception with hors d’oeuvres and cash bar at the Falcon Stadium Press Box.  You    will get to meet the current coaching staff and Falcon basketball supporters. 

On Saturday, January 30 the Falcons play Wyoming at 1:30 PM.

- At noon, join the Friends group for a pre-game reception with light snacks and a coach’s overview of the game.

-  At halftime, the reunion participants will be introduced allowing the fans to thank you for your contributions to AF basketball.

-  After the game, reunion participants and guest are invited to join the team and coaching staff for the post-game dinner — a time to connect with current players and celebrate the victory. 

You can register for the reunion by accessing the Event Registration link under Calendar/Events page at  There you will find detailed information about the weekend events.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Bill Ayen, Reunion Chairman, at or (719) 332-5390.

 Men's Basketball Alumni Homecoming February 27 - 28, 2009  

 All former Falcon players, coaches, and officer representatives were  invited to the Fourth Annual Men’s Basketball Homecoming event on February 27 - 28, 2009.  This reunion was established to strengthen the bridge between the current players and those who built the program over the past 50+ years.  The event  was a success with over 20 former team members and staff present.   Friends members  joined together with Alumni on Friday night to thank them for their commitment to our Air Force and our team during their tenure at the Academy!  A spirited game was watched on Saturday with all attendees honored at halftime!.

Friends of Air Force Basketball Men's Basketball Alumni Homecoming ReunionFebruary 8 - 9, 2008             All former Falcon players, coaches, and officer representatives were invited to the Third Annual Men’s Basketball Homecoming Reunion event February 8 - 9, 2008.  It was a great success.  This reunion was established to strengthen the bridge between the current players and those who built the program over the past 50 years.  Players from most every team have participated over the past 2 years. A  smaller group  this year but very enjoyable.              On Friday, Feb 8th, there was  an alumni game at noon and a reception in the evening. 'Youngster' from the alumni played in the game and some stayed to watch the team practice.  That evening there was  a reception with hors d’oeuvres at the Academy Hotel.  It was a good opportunity for the former players and other Falcon basketball supporters  to spend time together with the  coaches.            The main event of the reunion was the game on Saturday, Feb 9th, where the Falcons hosted the University of Utah Utes.  A great crowd watched a good game with our Falcons losing in a close matchup. At halftime, the reunion participants were introduced to the crowd, giving the fans a chance to thank them again for their many exciting past games in Clune Arena.  Former  coach Hal Walter , who recently left us, was honored at  halftime.           

            This event was sponsored by the Friends of Air Force Basketball.  Your support of the event was important to both former players and the current players and coaching staff and we thank those who participated. 

Photos from our 2008 homecoming:


Coach Carroll, Darcy Ayens, AJ Kuhle, VP Bill Ayens
Coaches and FoAFBB officers
Coach Reynolds and David Peterson
Mark Holumn, Jake Burtschi, David Peterson

         PAST RENUNIONS:  Here is a summary of our 2006-2007 Homecoming:
Our second annual homecoming was a great success.  Over 30 former players and coaches to include former head coach Reggie Minton, attended the event.  A Friends of Air Force reception was held with Friends members and the atendees on Friday evening followed by Saturday's game with halftime introductions.  A dinner was held that evening with current and former Falcon players and coaches.  A great time was had by all.  Enjoy these pictures...can you put names and their class number with their faces? 

homecoming1.JPG Coach Reggie Minton, Mark Slimko (89), Tyron Wright (00)

 homecoming2.JPG Larry Fariss (Friends), Coach Bzdelik, Steve Hirst (81)

 homecoming3.JPG Derrick Clark (Asst Coach), Coach Bzdelik, Coach Minton, Aj Kuhle (04), Jarmica Reese (98)

 homecoming4.JPG Pat Dowling (67), Tom Markham (68), David Sams (74), Bob Blake (59), Mike Klindt (69)

 homecoming5.JPG  Mike Lockwood (89), Bill Ayen (Friends)

coachhirst.JPG Coach Bzdelik, Steve Hirst (81)

kimblemarr.JPG Chad Kimble (89), Bob Marr (88)