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con't From the President of Friends....

Dear Air Force Basketball Fans,

 I am writing to introduce you to the Friends of Air Force Basketball.

Some of you are well acquainted with the Friends.  For those who don’t know us, let me explain that we are a non-profit booster group, organized five years ago to provide support for our great basketball program.  Like you, I have been excited to watch our program develop into a perennial contender for conference and NCAA honors.  The credit for this achievement, of course, belongs to the outstanding coaches and players.  However, the Friends of Air Force Basketball has also played an important role.

Financial contributions from the Friends directly supported some of the most important needs of our basketball program, including facility upgrades, equipment purchases, out-of-session meal expenses for players, preseason (foreign) team travel, and the postseason banquet.  For those of you who have supported the Friends in the past—thank you—the basketball players and the program have benefited from your generosity.  For all, I would like to invite your active participation for the 2007-2008 season.

We share Coach Reynold's unbridled optimism for the upcoming season.  Just as he plans to improve the level of play, we hope to increase and expand our level of support.  Beyond the day-to-day basics that the Academy provides, there are still numerous things the program requires to compete with the other programs in the Mountain West Conference.   With your financial support, the coaching staff can initiate programs to further raise our level of competitiveness.  FoAFBB sponsored  and funded the 2007 NCAA allowed exhibition trip to Vancouver, CA where the team played 5 games over Labor Day weekend going 4-1 vs local Canadian teams.

We are excited to be planning activities for this year, including some game-day receptions with a coach’s preview, bus trips to selected away games, and we hosted the 3d annual Basketball Homecoming this Febuary.  We will also be sending more frequent newsletters to the Friends and establishing a web site for faster communications.  These activities will require many volunteers as well as some financial capital.

If you would like to help, simply fill out and return the form (over) with your contribution.  We are asking for a small minimum contribution (dues) of $25.00 (per household) to cover our annual operating expenses.  We hope you will also give a generous non-taxable donation, 100% of which will go directly to supporting the basketball program and players.  If you have any questions about the projects discussed in this letter or wish additional information about how you can help support Air Force Basketball, contact us at admin@friendsofairforcebasketball.org Thank you again for your time and consideration.  Go Falcons!

 Jim Head, President

Friends of Air Force Basketball

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